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Civilian Award Ribbons & Drapes

Public Safety Specialties carries a large assortment of recognition award ribbon slides and drapes for Police, Fire, EMS, Security and other non-federal/non-military agencies. The ribbon slides are 1 3/8" x 3/8" and the ribbon drapes are made to military specifications. 

We also carry the ribbon attachements and ribbon mounts.

These ribbons are an economical way of recognizing the heroism, accomplishments and service of your staff. Each ribbon is made to the same standards as our federal ribbons. You can use this selection to chose a custom drape for your medals. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks manufacturing time on medal drapes and out of stock ribbons.

When you purchase ribbon slides and mounts from us we will mount the ribbon slides on the ribbon mounts for FREE. Just select award ribbon mounting and tell us in in what order from left to right and top to bottom how you want the ribbons mounted. We will even add the ribbon attachments you purchased to the ribbons you specify.

Note: We tried to get the colors of the ribbons as close to the actual ribbons  as we could, but there may be some slight varience in the colors due to your monitor's color capabilities. 

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